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Land Use Application Search

This option allows you to perform searches of the Land Use Applications available in our permits database. This database does not contain "Pre-Application Conferences," which may be confidential records. The database contains both closed and active cases, beginning with cases entered since 1998. NOTE: Application types that are no longer actively used will be listed with a "zzArchive" prefix and will appear at the bottom of the Application Type dropdown list.

Provide search information in one or more of the boxes below. The more information you provide the more restrictive the results will be.
Search results are limited to 2000 records returned. NOTE: Using a "contains" option will lengthen the search time, as it finds all matches containing the value(s) entered.

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Application Number:   NNNNNNNN (8 digits) -or- NN-NNNNNN
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Property Address:  Starts With Contains
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(such as "high") - or both the house number and street name. NOTE: Street Type and Street Direction should not be entered.
Choose one date search method, if desired.
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Select an "Application Type" or "Neighborhood Association to further restrict your search criteria.
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