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Do I Need to Register?
· Gathering general data such as permit history on various properties = NO
· Making payments on existing permits/licenses/applications = YES
· Requesting inspections on existing permits = YES
· Renew eligible permits/licenses/applications = YES
· Reserve Banners = YES
Registering as a Company

Each registered account can only be registered with one unique email address no matter how many employees are wanting to login for reasons listed in the “Do I need to Register” section. It is recommended that companies register using generic email and password information.

Registration Opt-In Form

Registered customers have the ability to work with their own permits and licenses.  The kinds of activities available to a registered customer include scheduling inspections, making payments, renewing applicable permits and licenses, reserving banner sign locations, and so on.

Customers log in using an email address of their own choosing.  Each registered customer may use only one email address.  Currently, this restriction extends to organizations, so that all persons from a given organization will have to use the same email address to log in to SPLASH.

The information you provide in the form below will enable City of Salem staff associate your new SPLASH account with your existing permit and license records (if any).  You will receive a confirmation of your registration request upon submitting this form.  Your request will be processed as soon as possible and you will receive an invitation to complete your registration (including setting a password) upon completion of the review.  Thank you for your interest in using SPLASH for your permitting, licensing, and land use application needs.

Please complete the Registration Opt-in Form below to start the registration process with the City of Salem's SPLASH Portal.  Required fields are indicated with a red asterisk (*).

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* Account Type: Individual Organization    You may register as either a company name or an individual. This will be the party indicated on all permits/licenses/applications with the City.
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Comments, suggestions, questions, or problems?  Visit the SPLASH Help page or email City of Salem staff.
If you are having problems viewing the pages on this website, please review the SPLASH browser requirements.


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